Kansas City MSM Works To Explain The Mahomes Slump

Local media work diligently to defuse skepticism about the greatness of Patrick Mahomes.

Here's one example that exaggerates legit complaints . . .

"Hundreds of fans aren't happy with what they're seeing on the field. They're so unhappy that as of Sunday morning more than 400 people had signed a Change.org petition to bench star quarterback Patrick Mahomes

By Sunday night nearly 800 people had added their names . . . Ironically, this petition comes 4-years after another Chiefs fan started a petition to bench then-Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith and give Mahomes his first NFL start."

Accordingly, here's a bit of media literacy in order to take a peek at the Overton window in action and how it's easily manipulated  . . . 

This report uses the same tactic MSM employs when they highlight a "deplorable" person and align their nasty rhetoric with far more legit and mainstream dissent.

For instance . . . Not everyone who disagrees with vaccine mandates is one of those cornflakes who take up horrific Holocaust analogies.

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Kansas City Chiefs fans react to petition to bench Patrick Mahomes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Chiefs' went to bed Sunday night with a winning record for the first time since Week 1. The team has struggled this season, and hasn't lived up to the winning ways fans expect from Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and the rest of the AFC Champions.

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs' offense look to build momentum from game-sealing drive

For the second consecutive week, a Kansas City Chiefs victory was overshadowed by an ugly performance from the offense. In the 13-7 win over the Green Bay Packers, the Chiefs hit their season-low for total yards, passing yards and first downs; they punted more than they have in any other game this season, and most of their drives ended before reaching midfield.

Developing . . .