Kansas City Midwest Hotel Renovation Reveal

This place was a beloved old school Kansas City flop house for junkies but now it has been remodeled for hipsters and quite a few people with disposable income.

Here's part of the worthwhile rebuild  . . .

“It is valuable to keep these older projects from our past,” Krych said. “It’s a way to tell the story of who came before us. People built these beautiful, nicely crafted buildings that we can’t replicate today because of their cost. To preserve them is a way to retain our collective memory of yesteryear. It’s a sustainable approach, rather than tearing them down.”

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Hordes of pigeons, a mysterious interior and a neglected building: BKV Group takes on the challenges to preserve Kansas City's Midwest Hotel - REJournals

Some projects pose more challenges than others. And turning a 100-year-old hotel, one overrun with pigeons, into a new apartment complex? That's a big one. But that's exactly the task architecture and design firm BKV Group took on for developer client City Club Apartments.