Kansas City Gondolas Coming Soon?!?! Again

Locals without a memory might forget that gondolas to connect Kansas City was an idea championed by transit activist Clay Chastain and one of the first parts of his "green transit" crusade.

Now, officials in The Dotte offer their spin on the classic idea . . .

“Not saying we are going to build it," said Gunnar Hand, the Unified Government Director of Planning and Urban Design. "Not saying we are going to do anything, but it does present a unique solution to multiple problems that we believe deserves exploration.”

The overhead gondola connecting the two cities would resemble those you might see at a ski lift in Colorado.

Renderings show the terrain Kansas Citians have to cross each time they cruise over the state line.

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KCK city planners examine possible gondola transport system that would link it to KCMO

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) --- Urban planners in Kansas City, KS are tinkering with the idea of a new form of public transportation. After the expansion of the Kansas City Streetcar, gondolas could become a new form of transportation.