Kansas City Disenfranchises Northland

The punchline here is the mayor and his appointees seem to be actively working to thwart growing population numbers and economic power of this section of Kansas City in order to help preserve the status quo.

Here's the upshot . . .

"The Kansas City Redistricting Commission voted Monday to recommend a new map of City Council districts, one that drastically changes the boundaries of the Northland districts, to council members in December. Commissioners voted 6-3 in favor of the map that would create a horizontal divide at Barry Road between Districts 1 and 2 instead of a vertical line."

An alternative perspective . . .

Council voting districts are an outdated way of thinking about Kansas City.

In a world where mobile devises can connect MILLIONS of people across the world . . . Most municipal elected officials have less power than a leader of a school bake sale.

This Northland crackdown is nothing more or less than an effort to curtail any political advancement of this mostly conservative enclave . . . Even more interestingly, this is just one phase of the plan . . . The next part starts with LOW-INCOME HOUSING ADDITIONS

Don't get it twisted . . . We don't shed a tear for our Northland neighbors. They had a chance to gain a foothold in civic politics but wasted MONTHS worth of effort on unproductive recalls. 

Now, given a dearth of active voters and only a handful of reliable donors . . . The Northland spins to the will of city hall insiders and likely loses most of their political clout if they let it happen without a fight. 

Developing . . .