Kansas City Cold Case: Woman Shot Dead & Dumped In Alley

Over the past year Kansas City and the nation have witnessed a dramatic uptick in violence against women. 

Critics blame the COVID lockdowns and the uptick in local boozing probably contributes to the misery as well. 

Nevertheless . . . 

Brutal attacks on females aren't a new phenomena and violence against women on local streets is often endemic. 

Here's one case out of many that authorities are working to stop as they ask for help via the TIPS hotline . . .

Her body was found in the alley at 2 p.m. in the afternoon. Police said she had been shot and died of her injuries.

Detectives said they've made progress identifying a suspect in her homicide, but need the final clues and tips to close the case and send it to prosecutors for the suspect to be charged in the case.

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6-years after woman's body found dumped in alley, KCPD asks for help solving case

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Six years after someone killed a Kansas City woman and dumped her body in an alley, detectives need help arresting her killer. Investigators found the body of Danielle Wilson, 42, behind a house near E. 29th Street and Myrtle Avenue in August 2015.