Kansas City Climate Change Or Last Respite Ahead Of Winter?!?

The weather deserves a highlight if only because this is such a beautiful fall day.

However, don't be fooled . . . Take a peek at hard times ahead no matter what kind of science readers might believe . . .

"Our normal high temperatures this week should be the mid- and upper 40s. But we’ll be nowhere near that for the next several days. Saturday will likely be our one “normal” day over the next seven."

Accordingly, that makes many fear that the sky is falling and we've got less than 12 years to change it.

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Hard to find winter weather in Kansas City area as December approaches

KANSAS CITY, Mo.- We're counting down the final days of November, and December starts this Wednesday! But it sure doesn't feel like it around KC this week. Winter hasn't really shown up yet.

Seeking Certainty on Climate Change: How Much Is Enough?

Sabine Hossenfelder, a physicist at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies in Germany, and Tim Palmer, a Royal Society Research Professor of Climate Physics at the University of Oxford, write: In a recent column in Scientific American, Naomi Oreskes argues that we understand the physics of climate change well enough now.

You decide . . .