Kansas City Catholic Sex Abuse Earns Netflix Spotlight

When streaming media isn't profiting murder pr0n, they're hoping the garner more subscribers by offer a glimpse at all manner of human misery.

Caveat: Watching people consent to soul crushing disappointment by way of enduring home repair is a TKC fave.

Nevertheless . . .

Whilst we should be skeptical of so much content directed at the masses, the local history of abuse within the church deserves consideration . . . Check-it . . .

"We need to hold each other up," says one Kansas City man who was assaulted by his priest. Others tell their stories in a new Netflix documentary shot in Kansas City.

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Kansas City man encourages others who've been sexually assaulted to 'tell their story'

Brian Heydon was sexually assaulted as a kid. Now a licensed counselor in Kansas City, Heydon grew up in a Catholic family. In the 1960s and '70s, he said, the religion was a place for child predators to thrive. "The dynamic is you are indoctrinated into a faith that you don't question," said Heydon.