Kansas City Artsy Cowtown Legacy Remembered

Sorry but the art world is mostly a scam that's about money laundering.

However, here's a nice, worthwhile local connection and distraction to start the day . . .

Twenty years ago, one of the city’s most notable public art projects came to town—in the form of hundreds of fiberglass bovines. Kansas City was one of the first locations worldwide to host a Cow Parade, and local artists, including designer Kate Spade, brought unique touches to the standing, grazing or reclining cows.

Next year, a similar project will come to the city: A Parade of Hearts will appear in the Heartland. Original artwork created in the shape of the “KC heart” will be placed around Kansas City in the early spring of 2022.

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What happened to the hundreds of fiberglass cows that once roamed the city?

Ben Casey's cow is always rooting for the home team. Depending on the season, the nearly life-size heifer, in its yard south of the Plaza, switches its allegiance between the Chiefs and the Royals. The cow is not repainted every season. And it is not-as some people have supposed-two separate cows.