Jackson County Mask Mandate Removal Aftermath: Quick Breather?!?

It's fair to be skeptical about the removal of local mask mandates given an upcoming surge on the horizon.

Nevertheless, right now we take a peek at reactions as more locals earn a reprieve from strict public health regulations . . .

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After Jackson County vote, some school districts drop mask mandates

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - On the same day that the Jackson County Legislature voted to rescind its mask mandate, some school districts are taking up action. Jackson County's mask mandate was originally set to continue until at least Nov. 22, but the group of divided legislators voted 5-4 Friday morning to end the masking rule immediately.

Downtown Lee's Summit shops react to Jackson County's decision to rescind mask mandate

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - The Jackson County Legislature voted to rescind the county's mask mandate on Friday afternoon. This means local shop owners will not have to enforce customers to wear a mask when entering their place of business.

When can kids take off their masks in school? Here's what some experts say

When can kids safely take off their masks in school? About three-fourths of the nation's largest districts required masks at the start of the school year. Recently, the calls by some parents to unmask children have grown louder, especially now that there is a COVID-19 vaccine available with emergency authorization for children as young as 5 years old.

Health Officials Strike Down Mask Mandate After Proud Boys 'Pressure' Campaign

Health officials in one of North Carolina's most populous counties abruptly lifted an indoor mask mandate on Friday after members of the far-right extremist group the Proud Boys showed up for a vote on the matter, just days after vowing to "ramp up pressure" on authorities there.

Face masks forever? Americans won't stand for it. Time to drop the masks

It's time to remove face masks. In March 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended generalized wearing of face masks to lessen the spread of the novel coronavirus. Nearly two years later, a cache of treatments, vaccines, and natural immunity have created an environment where the small benefit of mask-wearing no longer outweigh the risks.

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