Jackson County Exec Allocates $500K For Homeless

As the weather gets colder, here's a word from the courthouse regarding efforts to protect a vulnerable population . . .

“Extreme weather conditions are upon us and we don’t have any time to waste if we want to protect some of our most vulnerable residents,” said Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. “Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt once said, ‘government exists for one purpose – to make things better for all people,’ and I firmly believe that it is our responsibility to provide a lifeline during these uncertain times. With the Legislature’s approval of this funding proposal, we can reduce the risk of homeless persons finding themselves in a dangerous, life-threatening situation.”

“Instead of letting this money sit in the bank, let’s get it to the agencies in our community who are willing to support the homeless but need the financial assistance to do so,” said Jackson County Legislator Scott Burnett, 1st District. “The County has the resources to help agencies provide immediate relief to those without warm and safe shelter before the weather gets bad. I understand this amount funding is not enough to solve the problem, but it provides a starting point as we continue our work to find long-term solutions.”

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Jackson County Executive proposes that $500k go to Homeless Assistance Fund

JACKSON COUNTY, MO (KCTV) -- Jackson County Executive Frank White Jr. has recommended that $500,000 be immediately appropriated for the county's homeless assistance fund. According to a release from the county, this was originally included in his proposed 2022 budget but that wouldn't go into effect until Jan 1.

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