Internets Dunks On Sen. Hawley After Pr0n & Video Game Criticism

The Missouri conservative senator has garnered hateration from every corner of the Internets after an attack on two mainstays of online culture . . . Pr0n & video games. 

The blow back (heh) from the online world has been far more intense then criticism he took for his controversial Capitol riot fist pump that fell along partisan lines. 

Fact is . . .

Pr0n & video games rule the online world and this criticism hurts his standing amongst most men who are still able to achieve a woody.

The prudish gambit might play well amongst the old school Fox news crowd but seems like antiquated boomer lecturing for most people who enjoy FREEDOM to pick their own pastimes.   

Actually . . .

The comment is unfortunate because Senator Hawley had a chance to appeal to the conservative NextGen but the remark demonstrates he doesn't have much understanding of what appeals to and influences most Americans.

In fairness, here's the money line that attempts to blame progressives for industries which are, for the most part, politically agnostic . . .

"The Left want to define traditional masculinity as toxic. They want to define the traditional masculine virtues — things like courage and independence and assertiveness — as a danger to society," Hawley, a potential 2024 presidential candidate, said, The Washington Post reported.

"Can we be surprised that after years of being told they are the problem, that their manhood is the problem, more and more men are withdrawing into the enclave of idleness and pornography and video games?" he added.

In his speech, the senator highlights economic socialism, critical race theory and gender ideology as a way to “deconstruct America.”

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Internets commentator Philly D takes apart Missouri Senator Josh Hawley in his intro and provides the lead image we're sharing . . . And then . . .

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You decide . . .