How Will Kansas City Move Forward After Cameron Lamb Verdict?!?

Rather than share some philosophical, activist blogger garbage . . . It's more useful to share OPEN QUESTIONS about how this town will proceed following a historic verdict.

We don't claim to know the answers but our local media pals are far too busy trying to play pundit rather than looking are real life political consequences. 

Accordingly, as the detective guilty of manslaughter is now suspended and pending termination, here's what local leaders are asking themselves tonight . . .

Will the "Ferguson Effect" take hold in Kansas City?!?

To be fair, law enforcement officials deny this trend and we trust that KCMO's finest will keep their commitments to their vocation.

However . . . 

We expect the recruitment crisis to become even more serious with no solution in sight.

Are Kansas City 'defund the police' activists now "emboldened" and is the next step to demand, yet again, for the resignation of Chief Smith?!?!

Like it or not, there are very real political consequences to this verdict and critics of the Chief might once again seize on another opportunity to oust the police leader.

Some might say that "the system works" and so will this "victory" could deflate the ambitions of local progressives who suffer waning influence as the tenure of Prez Biden worsens.

The big picture is that "defund police" chatter seems to have run its course. 

Moreover, the upcoming Missouri session will likely grant more cash to cops. 

At this point in the pandemic, Americans are weary of social justice crusades and most long for the relative safety they enjoyed before the COVID "cultural shift" turned the world upside down. 

A caveat . . .

As usual, anybody who claims to have all the answers is lying. 

In the meantime . . .

Read more via news links . . .

'I miss my baby': Cameron Lamb's mom emotional, looking ahead after KCPD detective found guilty

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Cameron Lamb's mother shuffled out of the courtroom in tears Friday. A Jackson County judge found Kansas City police Det. Eric DeValkenaere guilty of involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action in the 2019 killing of her son.

Attorney talks about role of Fourth Amendment in DeValkenaere verdict

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) --- Throughout the Eric DeValkenaear criminal case, the Fourth Amendment was a topic of discussion. Jackson County Judge J. Dale Youngs said he reached a guilty verdict because this case involved issues of law related to the Fourth Amendment.

'It's very overwhelming:' Family of Cameron Lamb reacts to guilty verdict

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) --- While happy with the verdict, the family of Cameron Lamb said that Friday is not a day to celebrate. His mother and the family's lawyer who's representing the family in a civil suit against police and the police board spoke following the verdict.

Developing . . .