Family Shares Violent, Broke-Ass Arson Backstory Of Suspected Serial Killer

More deets have emerge after a tragic spate of local murders.

Here's a line that stands out . . .

His family painted a different picture, telling detectives Reed had a “history of mental health issues,” and was “manipulative and dangerous,” according to the report.

His aunt told police the family called Reed “Joe” and he came into the house upset accusing his cousin of stealing money and clothes from him.

“When Perez does not have money he ‘goes into a rampage,’” she told police.

She said Reed attacked her son the week before unprovoked and said after Reed acts out, “he switches and acts as if nothing happened,” according to the report.

She told police Reed “switches” very quickly between personalities.

“She stated she could not tell when he is acting bipolar vs. schizophrenic,” according to the report. “She stated he will ‘straight up smile,’ and make you feel sorry and change very quickly.”

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'Manipulative and dangerous': Family members describe alleged serial killer to police following 2016 arson

Perez Reed could have spent five to 15 years in prison had he been convicted. The case against him was dismissed. FERGUSON, Mo. - All signs of a fire that happened at a one-story home along Canfield Drive in Ferguson five years ago are gone.