Faith Community Builds On Kansas City Collection At Union Station

Right now we take a quick peek at relics from the faith journey of a Kansas City man.

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The display is at Union Station to coincide with the Auschwitz exhibit there, which has drawn hundreds of thousands of visitors, leading Union Station to extend the closing date to March. Klein hopes people learn from the Auschwitz exhibit in a time when anti-Semitism is far from gone. But he doesn’t want visitors to walk away from the Auschwitz exhibit thinking that the horrors of the Holocaust are what defines the Jewish experience. He hopes the Klein Collection will compliment that exhibit by presenting a different perspective.

“Most people think of Jews as victims, where Judaism is really about living, not about being a victim,” Klein said, “There are movies on the Holocaust, books on the Holocaust, TV shows on the Holocaust, and having the collection there shows that Judaism is about living, not dying.”

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New exhibit at Union Station offers look at Jewish life across nations and centuries

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) --- This year, Hanukkah falls earlier than usual. It begins Sunday. Union Station will be lit up in blue and is also debuting an exhibit for the occasion. The staff put the finishing touches on the Klein Collection exhibit Wednesday in order to have it up in time for the first day of Hanukkah.