Experts Agree Kansas City Royals Will Suck 2022

The embattled franchise will still confront hardship and PROBABLY DON'T DESERVE A DOWNTOWN STADIUM.

Here's a preview . . .

"Fans need to have patience and keep faith in these young players. Promising prospects can help the Royals, whether they succeed on the diamond or help secure top-tier trades. Barring a magical season, this coming year may still be a rough one."

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Trust the Process and Don't Crown the 2022 Royals Just Yet

With the World Series parade over and awards presented, the 2021 MLB season is really, really over. For the Kansas City Royals, the season was mostly over around the All-Star break. A team that led the American League Central for nearly a month was 36-53 in the first half, far away from a playoff spot.

Royals' Lack of Free Agent Spending Is a Double-Edged Sword

While just about every other MLB team has either made at least somewhat of a splash or is being linked to doing so in the near future, the Kansas City Royals have remained quiet this offseason. Silent, even. That's okay. It also isn't, though. Simply put: Kansas City has plenty of help on the way.

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