Everybody Hates The Kansas City Housing Trust/Slush Fund

Remember that even KC Tenants called this a "slush fund" and seemed to part ways with the current city hall administration.

Here's a peek at the "sitch" concerning this local cash hideaway . . .

"The Kansas City Council established a trust fund in 2018 to support affordable housing, but it never had any actual money to spend. Some housing advocates say the fund still doesn't fully address the needs of low-income renters."

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Kansas City finally decided how to spend its $12.5 million housing trust fund

The Kansas City Council approved a measure Thursday that sets out priorities for spending millions of dollars to support more affordable housing in the city. The council voted unanimously in support of the housing trust fund measure, despite arguments from some critics that it won't help enough tenants threatened with evictions and homelessness because of skyrocketing rents.