Entrepreneurship Week: Giving Kansas City The Business

For better or worse, COVID pretty much destroyed the nation's work ethic.

However, amid the attempt to "Build Back Better" there's a need to motivate and incentivize the plebs in order to make sure SOMEBODY is paying for all of that free money floating around.

Accordingly . . . 

We welcome a return biz-speak and so many motivational memes that crowd social media. 

Whilst the "hustle harder" crowd usually spends most of their time gossiping and telling each other about how busy they are . . . The return to normal coveting of b.s. jobs is welcomed. 

Here's just a taste of the hype . . .

“These businesses are economic powerhouses for our community. They create the culture of Kansas City,” Miller said. “We’re able to go to our local coffee shops or buy from local artisans, and then they’re creating the jobs and bringing economic vitality to Kansas City.”

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Global Entrepreneurship Week taking place in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Anyone with an idea, passion or side-hustle can learn how to turn their dream into reality during Global Entrepreneurship Week in Kansas City this week. From Monday, Nov. 8, to Sunday, Nov. 14, KCSourceLink is helping organize and host a series of networking events, workshops, and question and answer sessions.

KC elevates Entrepreneur Week + Downtown news + Office Summit - Downtown Council of Kansas City

5 to know: Downtown news beat 5 things to know about KC's Global Entrepreneurship Week Persistence bears fruit at 2000 Vine redevelopment Union Station to shine with $5M 'largest single gift' KC startups created more jobs in 2020 that previous 5 years Historic Mason Building could become $11M boutique hotel - -

Developing . . .