DEA: Kansas City Serves As Hub For Illegal Drug Distribution

As crime continues to trend upward, it's important to look at causes beyond our local control.

Accordingly, this Kansas City name check amid concern about a worsening drug problem deserves consideration . . .

Miles Aley, assistant special agent in charge with the St. Louis DEA branch, said that Kansas City, which has a large population center, is a major arterial for the interstate system and has a big bus depot, is a natural hub for drug distribution.

“In general, what we’re seeing is that Kansas City is the hub for distribution into western and northern Missouri,” Aley said.

Collie said outside origin points make it difficult to stop the flow of drugs into St. Joseph and neighboring rural areas.

“Unfortunately for us, it seems like politics play a lot into the different scenarios, the amount of border security, etc, that goes on down there,” Collie said. “Obviously, we in St. Joe or Kansas City area have no control over that. For us, we just have to deal with it as it comes into our area.”

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Foreign drugs cause local problems

St. Joseph's drug problem has its origins outside the city's boundaries. "When you start talking about meth, heroin and cocaine, a lot of times what we're seeing is that's coming up through the border with Mexico," said Capt. Shawn Collie, the commander of the Buchanan County Drug Strike Force.