COVID Omicron Variant Threatens Kansas City Streetcar Again

More than any other mode of transit, COVID-19 basically shut down the Kansas City streetcar.

Remember . . .

Amid fear of COVID-19, ridership of the toy train fell to abysmal levels as strict but necessary precautions chased away most passengers

As far as transit trends go, the used car industry enjoyed a boom as quite a few locals decided to avoid public transit altogether amid the plauge. 

And now, the smart money and the world prepare for another "variant" of COVID . . .

Leaders are advising caution but not panic . . . Meanwhile, borders closing and stock sell-offs should convince the plebs that the concern is genuine and not conspiratorial.

Moreover . . .

The COVID Omicron variant reminds us that plans for the Kansas City streetcar and taxpayers supporting its expansion must account for resurgence of pandemic threats and how quickly locals abandoned this mode of transit out of genuine health concerns.

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New York governor warns of Covid rise as US braces for Omicron arrival

New York, one of the states hit hardest and earliest by Covid-19, is taking steps to limit a new winter wave of infections as transmission rates approach those of April 2020 and the US braces for the Omicron variant, discovered in southern Africa.

At least 2 people in the U.K. have the omicron variant, health secretary says

At least two people in the United Kingdom have the omicron variant of the coronavirus, the country's health secretary announced. The cases are linked and involve travel to southern Africa, where the latest variant was first identified, Health Secretary Sajid Javid said on Saturday. The individuals are isolating at home.

Fauci Says Omicron Is Likely Already Here, NY Issues Emergency Order

Parts of the U.S. have begun an all-out assault against the new, highly transmissible Omicron variant of COVID-19 as Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that the variant is likely already circulating in the country. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency Friday, limiting hospital capacity to emergency needs as of Dec.

Omicron, a new Covid-19 variant with high number of mutations, sparks travel bans and worries scientists

The discovery of a new and potentially more transmissible coronavirus variant by South African health authorities has sparked a forceful reaction across the world, with a number of countries banning travelers from several southern African countries.

UK takes new measures to slow Omicron coronavirus variant

LONDON, Nov 27 (Reuters) - Britain announced new measures on Saturday to try to slow the spread of the newly identified Omicron coronavirus variant and a top health official said there was a "reasonable chance" that vaccines could be less effective against it.

WHO skips over Greek letters 'nu' and 'xi'; names new variant 'omicron'

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed it skipped the Greek letters "nu" and "xi" in naming its new COVID-19 variant, which it dubbed the " omicron" variant.

World races to contain new COVID threat, the omicron variant | AP News

BRUSSELS (AP) - Nearly two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, the world raced Friday to contain a new coronavirus variant potentially more dangerous than the one that has fueled relentless waves of infection on nearly every continent.

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