Catalytic Converter Thefts Spike At Kansas City Airport Ahead Of Holidays

We've got another warning for travelers as turkey day gets closer.

Apparently, airport security or lack thereof has cased a renewed spike in car crime. 

With a warning that KCI long-term parking occasionally hosts a mummified corpse . . . 

Here's the word from a KICK-ASS TKC reader. . .

"Lack of security makes cars vulnerable to the catalytic converter thieves. Not a good thing to find out when you return from your upcoming Thanksgiving or Christmas trip to drive home with a huge exhaust noise and a $500 insurance deductible claim.

"A friend who works at the airport told me about this problem a few weeks ago. 

"People need to spend more money and park in the privately owned park and shuttle services outside the airport with better security and faster shuttle buses. Or just leave their cars safely at home in their garages and take Uber to the airport. "

Developing . . .