Alleged Dirty Cop In The Dotte Earns Public Radio Exposé

To start, it's important to understand that there's ALMOST NOBODY DEFENDING THIS DUDE.

The allegations against him are horrifying and offer a glimpse into a sordid local underworld that thankfully doesn't confront most people who spend their time working, snacking and staring at their phone. 

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KCUR: "Former KCKPD detective Roger Golubski is accused in a civil case of systematically preying on Black women to satisfy his sexual proclivities or to fabricate evidence to clear cases. He is also accused of protecting drug dealers."

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FBI has investigated Kansas City, Kansas, Police for decades, but prosecution of bad cops is rare

As a federal grand jury investigates Roger Golubski, a former KCKPD detective, FBI documents dating back to the 1990s reported police beat Black people routinely, were said to be involved in the drug trade and ignored the crack cocaine problem. One FBI effort was dubbed "Tarnished Star."