Worsening American Scarcity Threatens Horrible Kansas City Holiday Season!!!

The good news is that cretins like TKC might still be able to pick up some perfectly fine discount merch from CVS before a holiday season hookup with a big booty working-class white woman who has wonderfully low standards. 

The rest of you guys are screwed.

What's worse is that the "American standard of living" promised by movies, TV commercials and politicos is quickly starting to crumble. 

Let's check the damage . . .

Blame Prez Biden, post-capitalism, COVID or whatever ethnic or minority group you like . . . It's not going to comfort po'folk crying at Walmart this December.

To be fair . . . 

A skeptical TKC thinks that a great deal of this supply chain hype is a marketing ploy that'll inspire people to buy even more junk. 

Whilst there might very well be a dearth of cheap Chinese junk available on local shelves . . . There's NEVER any shortage of B.S. amid the American discourse.

Accordingly, smarter people than TKC share these links that are worth a peek at the pumpkin spice outset of HalloThanksMas.

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How the supply chain crisis is affecting food banks

Many food banks rely on bulk supplies of free surplus food from supermarkets. Some report these have become less frequent, others that they have dried up altogether. Fare Share, the national charity that distributes tens of thousands of tonnes of surplus food to local charities each year, says HGV shortages mean supplies to its warehouses are down by a third in recent weeks "with no end in sight".

The Time to Buy Your Holiday Presents Is Now

In the history books, we will all be able to plot out each point of the pandemic by what essential item was in short supply. In the beginning, we struggled to keep our homes stocked with bread flour, personal protective equipment, and toilet paper.

Scarcity Tactics: Low on Inventory, Auto Dealers Cash In on Higher Prices

Illustration by Michael Byers From the November 2021 issue of Car and Driver. Dennis Groom, a stay-at-home dad from Dexter, Michigan, thought he could go about looking for a new car the same way he had in the past: Shop around, take a couple of test drives, pick his favorite, and negotiate the lowest price.

Walmart, Target, Home Depot and other large retailers are chartering ships to bypass supply chain problems. Will the strategy save Christmas?

With supply chain channels snarled by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, major retailers like Target Corp. and Home Depot Inc. are taking matters into their own hands, chartering ships to deliver goods in time for the important holiday season.

Why supply chain bottlenecks could be a threat to Biden's climate efforts

President Biden's lofty climate goals - for a carbon pollution-free U.S. electricity grid by 2035, and a net-zero emissions economy by 2050 - require pretty much everything to go right. What may be an unappreciated challenge to getting there are supply chain impediments, according to a new report from the Center for American Progress.

Water scarcity in a warming climate: a story in four visuals

Climate change has worsened water scarcity, as demand grows in tandem with the global population. The problem may soon be a focus of discussions at COP26.

U.S. service sector activity inches up in September; shortages persist - ISM survey

WASHINGTON, Oct 5(Reuters) - U.S. services industry activity nudged up in September, but growth is being restrained by a persistent shortage of inputs and the resulting high prices as the pandemic drags on. The Institute for Supply Management said on Tuesday its non-manufacturing activity index edged up to a reading of 61.9 last month from 61.7 in August.

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