What's Your Favorite Kansas City Homeless Hangout?!?!

People watching isn't always polite but sometimes its unavoidable whilst pretending to work during the day. 

Accordingly, we share a short list of homeless hangouts that are cheaper than a movie . . . 

Ilus Davis Park - A city hall favorite that provides a bit of live theater for the denziens of 12th & Oak. 

Westport Island - There's often live music and even more lively conversation that habitually scares suburbanites who couldn't find a good parking space. 

The Fountain formerly known as J.C. Nichols - The interactions at this KC spot are the best. The house-less, local ruffians, the clueless middle-class mingle at a spot known for frequent protest.

Sadly, there are far too many KCMO homeless hangouts to list and the hotspots look to be growing and becoming increasingly populated . . .

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Kansas City, Missouri, addresses homeless camp at Washington Square Park

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City, Missouri, Parks and Recreation Department is addressing the latest encampment unhoused individuals have set up at Washington Square Park. In recent weeks, people who work and live in the area have noticed the number of tents increase.