What Are Your Kansas City COVID Vaxx Mandate Labor Rights?!?!

Local workers are eager to sue their bosses over the COVID vaxx but the law might not be on their side.

Here's the word . . .

Lawyer John Ziegelmeyer estimated that roughly 40% of the calls he gets these days are about vaccine mandates.

"Definitely, a lot of calls." he said, "from folks being told they have 60 days to be vaccinated or face potential termination."

Almost all the callers are asking the same questions.

"Is it legal? Do I have to do this? I don't want to do this. How do I not do this?" Ziegelmeyer said.

He does not have a clear-cut answer for them yet.

TKC is NOT YOUR LAWYER but it's important to understand that both Missouri & Kansas have effectively busted local labor and AT-WILL EMPLOYMENT is the standard.

Sadly, and generally speaking, thanks to "conservative" legislators and GOP super-majorities in both Missouri & Kansas state houses — It's tougher to win legal victories against bosses in flyover country. Call that karma or just an inconvenient fact for partisan hacks who keep politicizing the pandemic.

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Kansas City employment lawyer busy fielding calls from people about vaccine mandates

Several Kansas City employers are now requiring their workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. All this has made employment lawyers very popular.Vaccine mandates are already underway at Children's Mercy Hospital, The University of Kansas Health System, and University Health, formerly Truman Medical Center.Just last week, Cerner Corporation announced a vaccine mandate for its employees.