Walkout: Kansas City Metro Students Learning Social Justice Warrior Skillz

The temptation for reactionaries to is to claim that practicing protest is unproductive. However, if we've learned anything from this COVID "cultural shift" it's that hurling insults at the political opposition is a valuable skill.

The unlikely career of conservative hottie Tomi Lahren along with the EPIC real estate buying career of a BLM founder prove that it pays to be pissed off.

Accordingly, right now we review the local NEXTGEN working on their "advocacy" in order to garner advancement.

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Students at Lee's Summit High School walk out after bullying incident

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - More than one hundred students from Lee's Summit High School held a peaceful protest Monday in response to a bullying incident at the school. A tweet by Twitter user @GamerboyHourz said the students' walk out was over the treatment of a fellow student.

Bullying at Lee's Summit school prompts investigation, parents call for action

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - At least three Lee's Summit students are on 'out of school suspension' and missed their Senior Homecoming after a fight that landed one in the hospital. Parents and students said the violence is the result of bullying not being nipped in the bud months ago.

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Two White Kids Held a Racist Homecoming Sign. A Black Kid is Now Banned From School Property

OLATHE, KANSAS - The Black student from Olathe South High School who was blamed by the homecoming girl's racist mom (Rhonda Windholz), has been instructed he is no longer allowed on campus for the rest of the semester. Yes, you read that correctly.

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