Trending: Kansas City Scholars Fight For Social Media Street Cred

A tragic Internets fad confronts youngsters as their peers hope to brutalize classmates in order to earn social media standing.

A desperate plea gives way to the realization WHY public school scores continue to stagnate . . .

“They’re all on social media. These fights are happening every day. Daily,” a parent said. “I don’t even know they know what to do, because the district is aware that these fights are taking place. I don’t think she’s safe even attending this school, you don’t know if someone is going to pick a fight with you, I don’t want her going to school looking over her shoulder.”

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'No control': Violent brawls being posted to social media at Kansas City middle school

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Videos of students fighting at Smith-Hale Middle School are making their rounds across social media, showing big brawls inside hallways and bathrooms. "I do know there is an officer in the building. I don't know how many because even having an officer in the building still does not prevent what's happening," said Nakikio Moore, mother of an eighth grade student.