Trash, Junkies & Public Sex Plague Kansas City Just Off Broadway Theater

The Bard once wrote that "all the world's a stage" and in a poorly lit section of Midtown Kansas City the junkies, homeless and reprobates are putting on quite a show.

Here's a peek at a scary display that's still more captivating than any of those miserable livestreams that we were forced to watch during the pandemic . . .

Groups of people coming and going; leaving behind trash, syringes and other items.

He also said some people have been doing inappropriate activities in public.

"One of our patrons driving up this way, observes some people having some sexual relations," theatre founder Harvey Williams said.

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Groups of people leave trash, clothes, other items nearby Kansas City's Just Off Broadway Theatre

The Kansas Melting Pot Theatre at the 'Just Off Broadway' Theatre in Penn Valley Park was just starting to bounce back after COVID-19.But theatre founder Harvey Williams said they're now running into another problem."It's a bad situation all around," Williams said.