Tragic 'No MO Meth' Campign Debuts

Public service campaigns typically never convince ANYONE to stay off drugs and they're mostly ridiculed by counter-culture scumbags and Internets trolls.

We don't expect the "NO MO METH" program to work but at the very least it's raising awareness of a MASSIVE drug crisis that continues to impact Missouri.

To be fair, the tagline is clever and somewhat memorable. And conversation about meth in Missouri reminds us that a significant percentage of the rural Missouri population (read: low-income white people) are struggling with addiction.

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The campaign is called “No Mo Meth” – and it’s targeting THE JOPLIN AREA to hopefully reduce drug use.

“I mean somewhere in the neighborhood of 2% of the population,” said Steve Miller of “No Mo Meth.”

“If you talk to any law enforcement agency and said what do you think’s the most insidious drug out there, the one that causes the most damage, I think most law enforcement would say, methamphetamine, simply because by nature how addictive it is and how it can create such turmoil in the user’s life,” said Miller.

The campaign is funded by a federal grant and will likely extend for five years.

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'No Mo Meth' campaign seeks to lower meth usage in Missouri

JOPLIN, Mo. - Drug abuse is the focus of a statewide initiative - specifically helping those who are using meth or at risk for doing so. The campaign is called "No Mo Meth" - and it's targeting our area to hopefully reduce drug use.

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