TKC Free Speech Challenge: Right Wingers Want To Ban Leftist Matterdaddy

Forgive the bloggy navel-gazing but this topic keeps coming up for discussion . . . Today one of our KICK-ASS TKC readers just sent us this note . . . And we think it deserves attention . . .

It's time

"I think I speak for 99% of your readers when I say it's time to remove "Matterdaddy" from being able to comment. This dude is bringing the entire blog down and steering the comment section into the gutter. As a result, it gives your entire site a more trashy vibe.

Maybe his presence serves a purpose on your end...maybe it makes people click on more posts because they want to respond to him out of anger and frustration. If it's good for you, I get why you want him there. But if it's bad for readers, it's bad all the way around."


Thinking about this one . . . The ultimatum is kinda bold considering that this blog doesn't charge for a paywall and the MINIMAL amount of advertising we can find barely covers my SIZEABLE fancy coffee budget. 

To be clear . . . 

For the most part I don't read the comments and they aren't that interesting to me . . . Sometimes something really great stands out and I'll highlight it. 

But most of what I do is scan for anything really nasty that the filter didn't catch. 

Since we switched to the new system less than a handful of readers have fallen from "trusted" status and for the most part we think a mix of anonymous, trusted and guest comments is the best solution we can afford at this time. 

From our vantage the comments have improved despite quite a few conservative & progressive viewpoints that strike me as toxic.

Still . . .

TKC has the roughest comments section in town precisely because we want to encourage free speech and the fair exchange of ideas. 

But we, sadly, must acknowledge that free speech isn't always free.

Accordingly . . .

I was going to start a crowdfunding effort but that's kinda cringe and, sadly, requires effort. 

So, if you REALLY want Matterdaddy gone or to "ban" anybody else from this blog . . . This is a one time offer . . . Paypal me or find somebody to paypal me 5,000 BUCKS.

That will start the process . . . THEN Matterdaddy will have a 48 hours to raise 5,500 bucks in order to keep posting privileges. 

I know, I know . . . This will spark conspiracy theories that I'm actually Matterdaddy . . . But, sadly, I think that dude and a few of his critics spend more time on this blog than I have in recent weeks.

Honestly, it has been a struggle to update on some days and I've been working on other projects that I hope to debut by the end of the year.

And so . . .

That 5 grand might MOTIVATE me to make some changes around here and step up my posting schedule.

To be clear . . . 


I'm merely offering the PRICE for "consulting" on an aspect of this blog. 

The fee will include a return e-mail with a few insights on bloggy free speech and maybe a digitally autographed e-book at some point.

I'm interested to see if anybody puts their money where their mouth is . . .

And banning commenters both progressive and conservative could be a surprisingly lucrative biz model for this blog and every other Internet outlet. I always wondered how much cash it cost to deplatform Alex Jones & Prez Trump. 

However, until a notice from Paypal turns up . . . Very much like all of my lady friends have complained . . . I'm not going to do much to change until I feel like it, can afford it or until the feds inevitably crackdown on Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. 

Developing . . .