TKC Must See: Kansas City Anti-Communist Tribute!!!

Here at TKC we love most expressions of local political activism and alternative perspective.

To wit, take a look at this sign of the times sent in by a KICK-ASS READER . . .

"64th and N. Oak Vietnamese owned strip mall. Pic is of Ly Tong . . ."

Who is Ly Tong most TKC readers might ask???

Here's the best reference we can share . . .

Remembering Ly Tong - eccentric Vietnamese-American agitator who fought communism using leaflets, hijacking and fish sauce

Officially, the Vietnam War ended in April 1975, when North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces swept through Saigon and gained control of the US-backed South. But for Ly Tong, a former South Vietnamese fighter pilot, the struggle against communism would last for decades more.

And so we thank the KICK-ASS TKC READER who sent this note our way and helped us all learn that this town is more diverse and complicated than most local media understand. 

Developing . . .