TKC Must Read: JoPo Pens EPIC Salvy Tribute

By far JoPo is the most influential sports writer to emerge from Kansas City.

However, a recent missive spotted by the BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS offers what might be the best tribute to the wasted 2021 season and it's a hometown hero . . .

"But if you watched him play every day … you couldn’t help but love him. The joy that pushed the Royals to sign him in the first place, well, he never lost that. His smile was the sunshine as the Royals collapsed in the aftermath of World Series glory. He was the one thing you could count on in Kansas City baseball; Salvy would always be there, always smiling, always swinging for the fences, always playing his guts out."

Read more via news link . . .

Perez, Power and Positivity

There isn't any serious doubt that the greatest power-hitting catcher in baseball history is Josh Gibson. We will never know just how many home runs Gibson would have hit in the major leagues, and we are lesser for that ... but it is pretty obvious that he would have set all the home run records for catchers.