TKC Blog Community Inspired Petitioners Back Into Action: They Promise To Deliver Today

These white ladies think they're smarter than everybody but their antics are kinda predictable. Of course, like all white women, they have our respect even if we doubt their effectiveness, knowledge and sense of humor.

Here's the update . . .

Pro-Police "Take Back KC" were sparked into action by our post noting the absence of any PROOF of their petition.

Insiders report that they've scheduled a meeting and have until 5 PM today to start their effort.


Of course we wish them luck . . . But the weather is getting colder and we're still not sure if sending people into the street to collect THOUSANDS of signatures is a good idea. 

At the very least. We hope SOMEBODY is paying these people well . . . Don't let former Northland Council Dude and constant meddler Ed Ford fool you . . . His pockets are HUGE!!!

Developing . . .