The Pitch Exposes Missouri AG Schmmitt As Former MODERATE!!!!

As far as political hit pieces go, this one is EXCEPTIONALLY CLEVER . . .

We thought this was just another run-of-the-mill diatribe but local journalist Barb Shelly offers an interesting twist that might be more damaging than outright hateration.

Check-it . . .

The skeleton in Schmitt’s closet might be worse. You probably want to cover the kids’ ears before breathing this out loud, but here it is. It seems that, for much of his political career, Schmitt was…A MODERATE.

“He has the reputation of being reasonable and likable and he counts a lot of Democrats as friends,” confirms Lauren Arthur, a Democratic state senator from Clay County.

For Schmitt the candidate, this is the worst kind of rap. Missouri primary voters want flamethrowers. They want defiants who will stand up to the big, bad federal government. They do not want reasonable, likable aisle crossers who understand that the government has a role in correcting injustices and protecting vulnerable citizens.

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