The Dotte Fights For 'Get Out Of Jail Free' Card

Sorry, but even the Mexicans will admit that American immigration policy is busted, dangerous, confusing and probably broken. 

Real talk: It's human nature to close the door behind you unless you were born in a barn or pretend to understand macroeconomics by way of a sociology degree at a C-list state school.

Either way, here's a peek at one of many talking points from our progressive activist friends . . . 

The Safe and Welcome ordinance calls for the creation of a municipal ID for all, and those in favor don’t want local money used for federal immigration enforcement.

However, the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department says they don’t and won’t collaborate with ICE and don’t have the ability to enforce immigration status.

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'I welcome immigrants in my community': KCK community marches for 'Safe and Welcome' ordinance

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Finding a home, a job and enrolling kids in school are things one can only do with a state-issued ID card. A coalition of activist groups wants to make sure no one is left without that opportunity in Kansas City, Kansas, furthering their ordinance called ' Safe and Welcoming.'