Taking KC Back Seyz: Lock Them Up!!!

It's nice to see grassroots denizens get involved in the political process. But it's not exactly encouraging when they don't really know what they're doing and don't want to take any advice or help from people who might understand a bit more about the process they they do . . .

Accordingly . . . 

This is the 4th recall effort against Mayor Q and NONE of them have been even close to meeting with success.

This group is going door to door asking people to sign SIX PETITIONS and hoping to gain support and donations for a massive effort that hopes to replace half the council.

It's not going to work, it's not a serious effort and whilst it's fine for seniors have housewives to have a hobby . . . The group shouldn't merit a great deal of consideration.

We don't say this because we disagree with their cause . . . In fact, we wish them luck and we're glad voters still want to get involved in street level volunteer efforts. 

However . . . If they fell short of recalling councilman Bunch . . . They're not going to have much luck in an effort that's SEVERAL times larger. 

To be fair . . . We like their bravado and appreciate their contribution to the local discourse . . . Check-it . . .

Shannon Bjornlie of the grassroots group Taking KC Back says the law the council and mayor violated, known as Chapter 84, provides for $1,000 fines for each offense — and that offenders “shall forever thereafter be disqualified from holding or exercising any office or employment whatsoever under the mayor or common council or municipal assembly of said cities.”

Bjornlie has written to Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, asking him to “pursue this matter and make sure (the mayor and council members) are held accountable as the statute dictates.”

For his part, the state-run Board of Kansas City Police Commissioners’ lawyer Patrick McInerney says the board won’t seek a punishment phase for the council and mayor. “The board sought exactly the relief the judge ordered — nothing else,” he said in a text.

Regardless, the recall election effort arising from the May 20 police budget clawback now has added fuel.

“Let’s get them out of office before they can do more damage to our city,” Bjornlie says.

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Judge: Council, mayor broke law in taking police money. Effort to remove them is on

Should eight Kansas City Council members and the mayor be removed from office, one way or another? Now that a judge has ruled that eight council members and Mayor Quinton Lucas violated Missouri law in clawing back $42 million from the police department in May, a woman leading a recall effort against them wants them thrown out of office for good measure.