Stupid Missouri Partisan Politics Prevents COVID Vaccination

Most of our elected leaders and their sycophant hacks who populate Internets comments have FAILED US ALL in time of plague.

A peek at the numbers and Winter danger ahead . . .

"Even though rates are now going down again as the Delta wave recedes, the state’s population is still only 48.18% fully vaccinated. With winter coming and new variants looming, health officials are now concerned that the culture wars that have roiled Missouri – and other parts of America – will leave the state vulnerable again when a next wave strikes."

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'This whole thing has become politicized': inside Missouri's Covid culture wars

he boarded-up storefront of Rae's Cafe in Blue Springs, Missouri, does not look much like a Covid-19 battleground - but it has become a cause célèbre of the anti-masking movement since owner Amanda Wohletz began a campaign in July to defy local Jackson county mask mandates imposed after Delta variant infections surged.