Show-Me Senator Hawley & Wife Sharing Podcast Life

This is a bad idea and kinda seems like a bit of hazing from Fox News in order to stay in their good graces . . .

Here's the background . . .

"We thought it'd be really fun to do something together and to maybe pull back the curtain a bit on our lives and our family life and just the day-to-day living that we do," Sen. Hawley said. "It's not a political hot takes show, it's not a commentary, but it's really about our life together."

It's a podcast "about our story and our adventure," Erin added. "It's about being intentional in marriage and how to raise kids and have that so-called balanced life with career and children and all those sorts of things."

Putting spouses and loved ones into the political fray is ALWAYS A MISTAKE and while the junior Senator seems to be garnering some genuine support . . . This podcast reveals that he might be susceptible to believing his own hype whilst chasing a higher media profile.

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The Hawleys get vulnerable on family life in new 'This is Living' podcast: 'Not a political hot takes show'

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., and his wife Erin are wandering into little known territory for politicians by launching a new podcast Monday that will "pull back the curtain" on their lives outside Capitol Hill. "This is Living with Josh and Erin Hawley," the couple told Fox News Digital, was "a joint idea" they had been mulling over for some time.