Show-Me Senator Hawley Standing Up For Parents Trolling School Boards

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We offer info from both sides of the debate that impacts nicer school districts than KCMO wherein most parents have given up and MOVED OUT over years, decades and generations.

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Sen. Hawley accuses Biden administration of sending FBI to silence parents at school board meetings

Hawley's outrage started earlier in the week when the DOJ announced a new partnership with local law enforcement to investigate threats against local officials. ST. LOUIS - Thursday night, parents once again showed up at a Rockwood school board meeting with plenty to say.

MSNBC Goes To Town On GOP Sen. Josh Hawley With A Stinging Supercut

MSNBC's Chris Hayes used a stinging montage to call out Sen. Josh Hawley's (R-Mo.) indignation at Justice Department efforts to increase the monitoring of threats to teachers and school officials. Hawley's attack on the move amid a rise in harassment and intimidation over COVID-19 mask mandates and critical race theory teaching was "frankly kind of astounding when the reality of what's happening on the ground is undeniable," Hayes said Tuesday.

Sen. Hawley excoriates President Biden for weaponizing the DOJ against parents by using FBI to silence them

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., joined " Tucker Carlson Tonight" Tuesday and tore into the Biden administration for attempting to silence concerned parents by using the FBI to crack down on those angry with education administrators. SEN.

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