Show-Me Medicaid Expansion Money Coming Soon

A quick glimpse at a long fight for Missouri voters who desperately earned the right for better healthcare.

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Missouri was required to expand Medicaid after voters approved it in August 2020 by a vote of 53% to 47% -- becoming the sixth state to accept the Affordable Care Act provision at the ballot box.

It was supposed to take effect on July 1 but was halted by Parson, who said in May that the state could not proceed because lawmakers had not appropriated funding.

A legal battle ensued, with plaintiffs arguing that the state's Medicaid program has been funded by the General Assembly and that lawmakers do not need to set aside specific money for expansion enrollees.

A lower court found that the 2020 ballot measure approving expansion had violated state law, but that decision was overturned in July by the state Supreme Court, which declared in a unanimous ruling that the ballot initiative was constitutional.

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Low-income Missouri residents finally gain Medicaid coverage

Medicaid expansion has finally begun in Missouri, nearly five months after Republican Gov. Mike Parson unsuccessfully tried to block it.