Show-Me Kansas City Divided: Redistricting Debated

The rules of this political game are sketchy and very often they're decided by a judge.

Still . . . 

The greatest fear seems to be that Missouri Republicans will discount population gains from the urban core. 

Here's the word . . .

The two sessions, three hours apiece, allowed the public to appeal to commissioners who could change which politicians represents which people next year.

Missouri State Rep. Emily Weber said a change is pretty much a given for a portion of her constituents.

"My district is the Midtown/Downtown area of Kansas City and it did grow. And so my district did grow a lot so we know that my district is going to get cut and it's going to get condensed down," Weber said.

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Redistricting hearings in Kansas City raise concerns on 'who counts' in population

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Another decade has passed and that means another round of redistricting in Missouri. On Tuesday the commissioners in charge of drawing the new lines for Missouri state Senate and House districts held hearings in Kansas City, Missouri. Those commissioner must agree to a final map by December 31.

Kansas City voters ask lawmakers for fair voter redistricting at a public hearing

Some Kansas City voters are urging the state of Missouri to draw new political maps that are inclusive and fair. It's a logical request, but one that can quickly get complicated and political.Where you vote depends on where you live. Missouri's State House, the lower chamber of the legislature, has 163 voter districts.

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