Show-Me Guv Parson Haxx0rz Newsie Tech Trouble In New York Times

Even our conservative friends are having a hard time defending Guv Parson throwing around "hacker" accusations against a journalist.

Accordingly, his beating in the nationwide press is just getting started . . . And now takes centerstage in the nation's paper of record and amongst the tech blogs . . .

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Governor Accuses Reporter of Hacking After Flaws in State Website Are Revealed

Gov. Mike Parson of Missouri has asked for a criminal investigation of a St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter who told the state that a website revealed teachers' Social Security numbers. A reporter at The St. Louis Post-Dispatch this week alerted Missouri education officials that a state website that lists teachers' names and certification status had a flaw: The page made the teachers' Social Security numbers easily available.

F12 isn't hacking: Missouri governor threatens to prosecute local journalist for finding exposed state data

Missouri governor Mike Parson is facing a monumental backlash after threatening to prosecute a journalist for responsibly reporting a serious security lapse in the state's website. Earlier this week, St. Louis Post-Dispatch journalist Josh Renaud reported that the website for the state's Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) was exposing over 100,000 teachers' Social Security numbers.

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