Reason #69 Why New KCI Will Suck: Southwest Hot Mess

Again, it's worth repeating that Southwest is the lead on New KCI and they've led the busted and secretive process from start to not-quite-finished.

Now that voters have bought the hype hook, line & sinker . . . We're getting a look at the future hot mess getting ready to crash & burn in Kansas City. 

Let's take a peek at the sitch . . . 

"More flights were delayed out of Kansas City International Airport Tuesday morning.According to, three Southwest flights are delayed so far.Southwest has been dealing with several issues, including weather, air-traffic control issues and staffing shortages."

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More Southwest delays reported at KCI Tuesday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - According to Flight Aware, Southwest has canceled 60 flights nationwide for Tuesday and delayed more than 150 flights. That is a decrease . . .

Travelers stuck in KC after Southwest Airlines cancels nearly 2,000 flights across the country

Southwest Airlines has canceled nearly 2,000 flights in a matter of days. Numerous flights out of Kansas City International airport were among those affected.Bryan Elliott has been trying to get back to Charleston, South Carolina, through Southwest since Sunday."One of the flight attendants didn't show up so the flight got delayed," Elliott said.

Southwest Airlines delays, cancelations strand travelers at KCI Airport for third day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thousands of passengers nationwide are scrambling as Southwest Airlines continues to cancel flights for the third day in a row. The number of cancelations has dropped a bit Monday, with over 300 canceled and over 200 delayed. The Dallas-based airline canceled more than 1,000 on Sunday alone.

Southwest Airlines cancellations: What are airline passengers entitled to?

Your flight is canceled. You have to stay over in a hotel and pay for dinner or scramble to find a rental car. What are you entitled to?It's a question many frustrated Southwest Airlines customers are asking in the face of thousands of canceled flights over the weekend and into Monday.Beyond rebooking a passenger or issuing a refund for a flight that's canceled, U.S.

Travelers frustrated after Southwest Airlines cancels, delays flights

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some Kansas City families are struggling to get home after Southwest Airlines canceled hundreds of flights over the weekend. While some travelers only had a 45-minute to hour-long delay, it became a more substantial ordeal trying to get back to Kansas City for many others whose flights were canceled.

Southwest Blames Cancellations On Weather Being Too Beautiful To Spend Whole Day Cooped Up On Plane

DALLAS-In a public statement Monday that declared it was absolutely gorgeous outside, Southwest Airlines, which canceled more than 2,000 flights over the holiday weekend, blamed the disruptions on the weather being too beautiful for anyone to spend their day cooped up on a plane. "There is absolutely no good reason...

Southwest cancels thousands of flights, leading to chaos at airports across the country

CBS News From Los Angeles to Miami, Dallas to Denver, thousands of Southwest customers had weekend travel plans ruined by more than 2,000 flight cancelations. The airline canceled another 10% of flights on Monday. It's not clear what is causing the disruption as the airline and its pilots are telling different stories.

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