Power Of Prayer & Local Celeb Uplift Mark Alford Campaign

Whilst skeptics doubted the political aspirations of Mark Alford he is now, undoubtedly, the front runner in a local congressional contest.

Mark Alford's inspiring political assent is impressive given that he, admittedly, doesn't even live in the district. 

Nevertheless . . .

What we notice is his HUGE social media and local celeb advantage over the competition. 

This clearly makes up for the fact that he hasn't mentioned a single policy issue amid an impressive kick-off. 

Apropos for Sunday, a recent prayer circle on the campaign trail exemplifies his election pitch.

Check the testimony . . . 

The most amazing thing happened to us at the Corner Cafe in Independence today. We were having breakfast with Ray and Beverly Worth planning a fundraiser for our Congressional campaign, the guy in the cowboy hat walked up and gave me a check for a large amount, and this group of ministers from the urban core asked if they could pray over me right there in front of the entire restaurant. The place came to silence. These men of God said they are pretty much all Democrats but they are supporting me through prayer. God is great!
#TruthMatters #TheConservativeTVGuy

Of course, here at TKC we believe that faith is a beautiful thing . . . But, for elected officials and aspiring politicos, religious convcitiosn can't replace the contentious, ugly and compromising sausage-making required for crafting policy.

And so we commend Mark Alford for his forthright declaration of belief as we faithfully await more deets about his stance on far less unifying topics like abortion, gun control, climate change, tax policy, healthcare, Internet/social media free speech issues, LGBTQ rights and so many more topics where he will be called to vote. 

Developing . . .