Playoff Hopes Already Fading For Kansas City Chiefs

Bigger, better cities would rant, curse and have fun ragging on the Chiefs for the pre-season big talk that turned into complete disappointment.

In Kansas City, there's a pathetic melancholy that has washed over fans who can't tolerate any criticism of over-hyped ballers. 

Thankfully, this kind of dedication isn't fooling anybody. Here's an apt summary for those who haven't read it yet . . .

"Mahomes has now lost 11 turnovers on the year, already more than he gave away in the entirety of the 2019 and 2020 seasons. Football is the ultimate team sport, so Mahomes’ struggles are also partly the fault of a theoretically rebuilt offensive line that failed to keep him upright, allowing four sacks on the day (some of his interceptions have been down to his receivers too). Most troubling, Mahomes’ game ended on a brutal hit that put him in the concussion protocols (which he subsequently cleared)."

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OK, now it's time to worry about the Kansas City Chiefs

hen the NFL season began, the question was whether anybody in the AFC could topple the Kansas City Chiefs. Now the question is very different: are we entirely sure the Chiefs are even a good team? The Tennessee Titans humiliated the Chiefs 27-3 on Sunday, in a loss that could propel Kansas City into an identity crisis.