We often labor under the false assertion that the Northland is a beautiful place where people can live in peace and elected officials are more reasonable and without scandal. 

This week, in the light of day those myths were busted . . . 

We talked recently about an ethics complaint that's moving forward.

Now more info emerges about an alleged criminal probe involving paper work . . .

The investigation appears to have been prompted, at least in part, by actions of some city officials during the recent Jason Maki vs City of Parkville civil lawsuit over open records.

Public records captured during that lawsuit indicate Mayor Nan Johnston allegedly destroyed an email account the day after Platte County Circuit Court Judge James Van Amburg ordered the mayor to produce documents sought by Maki.

Destruction of those materials and public records could be a criminal violation of state law, as well as Parkville’s municipal code of ethics.

Credit to the Platte County Landmark for offering far more serious coverage of this story that doesn't include silly headlines or a busty DUI case mugshot of the lady politico at the center of controversy.

Read more via news link . . .

Criminal probe underway at Parkville City Hall

An investigative subpoena was recently issued to the city. An investigative subpoena is a legal order to produce documents by a particular date. The city attempted legal action to quash (reject by a legal procedure) the subpoena, but that request was denied by the courts.