Overland Park Mayoral Race: Fight Against Developers

Our friends from Overland Park will determine their fate in this upcoming vote.

Rampant "urbanization" is quickly transforming this enclave . . . Now is the first sign of a serious confrontation betwixt opposing side of the argument. 

Sadly, dead-tree pundits are attempting to confuse voters with a partisan spin.

Here's the best round-up and a summary that's surprisingly objective for progressive media . . .

"City Council veteran Curt Skoog will face off against political newcomer Mike Czinege in a race to choose a replacement for Carl Gerlach, who has been mayor for 16 years but decided to step down."

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Voter guide: What you need to know about the Overland Park mayoral election

The very identity of Overland Park has become the theme of this year's mayoral race. On one side is political newcomer Mike Czinege, a retired corporate executive who says the city was designed as a suburb and should stay that way instead of attempting to transform it into a big city by encouraging high-rise apartment blocks.