New KCI Concessions Confessions: City Manager Snitches On Council!!!

This report from KCUR basically comes straight from the Mayor's office but what it REALLY reveals is more important . . .

The City Manager NARC'd on a council member and their conversation about New KCI contracts. Stabbing her in the back in public is a bold move that COINCIDENTALLY helps bolster a sketchy and secretive deal. To be fair, it's not so AMAZING that people will betray confidences when a BILLION BUCKS is on the line . . . But TKC is sharing this helpful reminder as a public service: When talking to City Manager Brian Platt: Assume he's wearing a wire. 

Here's the only interesting part of the story . . .

On August 18, Kansas City Manager Brian Platt emailed the City Attorney to report receiving a “disturbing” phone call from a member of the Kansas City Council.

Platt wrote that the call came from Teresa Loar, who represents the city's second district. She contacted him that day about the contracting process for private companies seeking to run concessions at the new Kansas City International Airport terminal.

“She claims to know exactly who we are negotiating with and also asserted that moving forward with the intended selection would not be good for the city and cause a lot of issues for all of us,” Platt wrote in his email to city attorney Matt Gigliotti. “I understood this to be a request for me to intervene in the process and change it’s [sic] course.”

The rest of the tale meanders and doesn't really draw any conclusion about all of this bid shenanigans.

Again, the only thing we know for sure is that the city manger isn't keeping any secrets from his new boss.

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Kansas City Council member accused of interfering in KCI airport contract negotiations

The Kansas City Manager reported a phone call that he received from City Council member Teresa Loar in August. He viewed the call as an attempt to get him to intervene in negotiations for a concession contract at Kansas City International Airport.