MORE² Reacts To Indictment Report Against Former KCK Detective Roger Golubski

A local advocacy group has been at the forefront of complaints against this former law enforcement officer . . . And so their perspective is worth consideration . . . Check-it . . .

More2 statement on Golubki and KCKPD

Metro Organization for Racial and Economic Equity, Inc., "more-squared," was elated to learn that a federal grand jury criminal investigation has been launched in the case of Roger Golubski, retired KCK Detective who was allowed to terrorize members of the Black community for decades.

Federal grand jury investigating retired Kansas City cop accused of terrorizing Black residents

Back in May of 2018, MORE2  was the first to publicly call for an investigation of both Golubski and the Kansas City, KS Police Department, which allowed this systemic abuse to occur unchecked for decades.  In June, the organization expressly publicly called for the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into the department.

MORE2  has been in communication with multiple victims of Golbuski for over four years now. One such victim, who we refer to as "Survivor X," to protect her, was repeatedly raped by a uniformed Golubski for years, following his role in the incarceration of her young sons.  We called "Survivor X" for a comment. She said, "Hurray, they're finally doing something about this?!  That makes me so happy if they are finally doing something about all this 'BS' they've been covering up for years."  

Many more victims remain.  The impact on the community continues to run deep.  We continue to call on the United States Department of Justice to investigate the Kansas City Kansas Police Department because an entire government system failed a people, allowing itself to violently rape and torment people and, to date, nothing significant has occurred to remedy this injustice or overhaul this system. In fact, it has gone largely unexamined except for by a few attorneys and advocates like us.

Violet Martin, whose two family members are wrongfully incarcerated in Kansas, offered this, "That is wonderful.  Thank God, the wildfire is rolling and they can't stop it.  We will be there in the march for justice and this is one positive step in the process of bringing my brother and cousin home."

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Grand jury investigates alleged abuse by Kansas City, Kansas, detective

Federal prosecutors have convened a grand jury investigation into Roger Golubski. He's a former Kansas City, Kansas, police detective, who was allegedly involved in corruption and the abuse of Black residents for years. KCUR's Peggy Lowe has reported on the case, and shares what she knows about the most recent developments.

Community members react to report that retired detective Roger Golubski is target of criminal grand jury investigation

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- CNN is reporting retired KCK police detective Roger Golubski is the target of a criminal grand jury investigation. KCTV5 News has not independently confirmed the federal investigation because grand juries are supposed to be secret. Local officials confirmed Thursday they have been cooperating with federal investigators.

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