Mobile Home Residents Force Out Demand More Cash From Jackson County

This week KC Tenants organized and advocated for mobile home residents forced out by the new jail.

Here's the money line for a scenario that will likely play out like a bad country song . . .

Many mobile homes residents are demanding that the timeline is pushed back to June 2022.

The county says they'll help renters with the move with up to $10,000 and owners with up to $20,000, but for many, that's not enough money.

"Throwing taxpayer money around everywhere until it goes back to the taxpayer, I'm not happy with it at all," said another resident.

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Heart Village mobile homes residents demand more money, time from Jackson County

Jackson County residents in the Heart Village mobile homes are demanding more help from county leaders, after being forced to leave and make room for a new Jackson County jail. Residents met with Jackson County legislators, and KC Tenants at a public meeting to discuss the next steps.

Heart Mobile Village residents demand more money, more time as move-out date inches closer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - About 100 families at Heart Mobile Village are racing against the clock to find a new home before Jackson County takes over the land for a new jail. After first learning in July they would have to pack their things and leave, the county announced it would give residents at least $10,000 to assist with relocation expenses.

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