Missouri Dying For More Latinos

Progressive news outlets offer a peek at population trends which disputes widespread fear over an immigration crisis at the border.

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“We call this a demographic shock,” he said. “When you have demographic shocks, there are three demographic transitions that we're concerned about: birth, death and migration. … More people are dying, but then are more people postponing births because of the uncertainty of what's happening.”

Sociology Professor Ness Sandoval said some things will have to change in Missouri to overcome what he calls its “demographic hurdles.”

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Missouri has entered 'demographic winter,' with more people dying than being born

For the past year and half, more people are dying in Missouri than being born - a first in the state's history. That demographic transition is what experts refer to as a "demographic winter." And the Show-Me State is not alone in this. Ness Sandoval, a sociology professor at St.

It's an interesting theory that likely won't gain much traction in red state Missouri wherein most people would literally rather die than make new friends.